The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group
                                                                       Were Not Lazy, Crazy Or Stupid:)
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Mission Statement: 
The Manhattan Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Support Group has offered  support, information, networking, and a sense of community to adults with ADD/ADHD since 1992.  We are not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid:)
                                               Our November 2014 Lecture

Date:                   Thursday October 6, 2014

Time:                   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Topic:                   "ADHD and Addictive Behavior"

Speaker:               Dr. Mittsi Crossman  psychiatrist and addiction specialist

Location:              West End Collegiate Church (School Annex)
                             245 West 77th Street  NY, NY 10024
                             (North side of 77th Street Between Broadway & West End Av.)

Donation:             $5.00 to defray the groups expenses

About The Meeting:

Does ADHD increase your risk of becoming addicted?  To substances like uppers, downers, or both? What about food or other addictive/compulsive behaviors?
Does treating your ADHD stave off an addiction? Or make it easier to overcome? Or if not, what else is available?

Dr. Mittsi Crossman is a board certified general and addiction psychiatrist.  She will explain what happens with ADHD and why addictions can be more likely to occur.  As a certified eating disorder specialist, she will also discuss the special nuances associated with appetite, food, and addictions in ADHD.  As ADHD and addictions can be quite complicated individually and even more so when they occur together, she will help decipher the strategies in successfully treating both.

About Our Support Group

For 22 years, the Manhattan Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group has offered walk-in, peer-run support sessions for adults with ADD and ADHD. In addition, it sponsors workshops led by experts in ADD/ADHD and other aspects of mental health.


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