The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group
                                                                       Were Not Lazy, Crazy Or Stupid:)
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Mission Statement: 
The Manhattan Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Support Group has offered  support, information, networking, and a sense of community to adults with ADD/ADHD since 1992.  We're not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid:)
        The Manhattan Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group 
 Please Note: The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group will resume live meetings  when the City permits groups to meet. All details will be posted here on our homepage.

In the interim, please subscribe to: to be part of our community. 

We use Zoom to host our Bi- Weekly virtual meeting's. (Tuesday's & Thursday's  from 8:00 - 10: 00 PM).  All meeting links are posted in our forum. 

We will have our first Virtual Zoom lecture on Thursday July 9, 2020 at 8:00 PM
   Time Blindness, Time Management & ADD/ADHD w/ Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA 

We look forward to everyone's participation in our first Virtual Lecture.

If you want to send us an E mail:

We are now accepting donations to help our group with its expenses.
Please go to Thank you.