The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group
                                                                       Were Not Lazy, Crazy Or Stupid:)
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ADD/ADHD Self Tests

                          The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group

About Our Support Group:  
Celebrating our 20th Year of offering support, information, networking & a sense of community to adults with ADD/ADHD. We hold two meetings a month. We have a meeting devoted to general support & group discussion, and we sponsor workshops led by experts in ADD/ADHD and other aspects of mental health.
We are not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid:)

If you wish to contact us, please E mail us at:


Check List of symptoms

One of the first questions everyone has is: Do I have ADD/ADHD? There is no one definitive questionnaire. There are several good questionnaires authored by prominent physicians & the government itself. Here is a ist of links to ten different questionnaires (we make no representation as the accuracy of any of the questionnaires).

Child Rating the rating scales:

DSM-IV checklist (the official criteria for AD/HD):

ADD Challenges Inventory:

Akron General Medical Center Adult Indicators:

Brown Attention-Activation Disorder Scale:
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Drake Institute Adult ADD Checklist:

Hallowell-Ratey checklist:

ICD-10 diagnostic guidelines:

Jasper-Goldberg Adult ADHD Screening Examination:

Wender Utah Rating Scale

NYU Med Center Self Test: